[ANSWERED] You are working in a rural Family Planning Health clinic and a 16 y/o presents with complaints of vaginal pain

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You are working in a rural Family Planning Health clinic and a 16 y/o presents with complaints of vaginal pain, discharge, odor x 4 days. Pain is getting worse. Her mother relates she has a cognitive learning delay and has tried to talk to her about her consensual sexual behavior with multiple partners.

She tells you she has “felt some ‘bumps’ down there.” She relates multiple sexual partners because she is now popular and it is part of the ‘game’ to stay popular with her new friends. Diagnosis: HPV with several condyloma lesions, a vaginal yeast infection, and chlamydia.

[ANSWERED] You are working in a rural Family Planning Health clinic and a 16 y/o presents with complaints of vaginal pain.

She is given a prescription for Chlamydia, and the vulvar lesions, told to follow up in 2 weeks.

How do you approach her and begin the conversation regarding safe sexual practices? What are your thoughts about this young lady? How do you feel about her game? How would you proceed to give her education? 300 words

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Maternal Child

Safe sex practices

Conversations regarding safe sex practices can be challenging to have with teenagers as it can be a very sensitive topic. As a parent or caregiver, there are specific approaches that one can use to ensure they provide the required information to the teenager. Regarding the case study, the most important aspect that is required to aid in beginning the conversation of the patient’s sexual practice is how to break the ice (Stanford Children’s Health, 2019).

While medical professionals are required to provide treatment, there is a need to also facilitate patient education to ensure that the diseases are eliminated, and there is quality life (Spencer, 2020). When providing treatment and guidelines on how to make use of the medication, I would make use of the situation to have a conversation on the causes and risky practices that increase the risks of contracting the diseases.

My personal thoughts are that the young lady is carefree and has low self-esteem, that the only way she can remain relevant and fit in with her peers is through engaging in unprotected sex. She has some misinformed perception of what it takes to be popular, and she is willing to do it to remain popular.

I feel that her game is the same thing that is leading to her constant infections, and if she does not take necessary precautions, she might have recurrent conditions and potentially become immune to antibiotics. In order to give her the correct education, the best approach is to be very honest with her and tell it as it is without concealing or using vague language (CDC, 2019).

The education would also include the use of cause and effect and how her decisions reflect on her outcomes.


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