[ANSWERED 2023] Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay highlighting some of the important natural or man-made landmarks

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Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay highlighting some of the important natural or man-made landmarks unique to a particular location

Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay highlighting some of the important natural or man-made landmarks unique to a particular location

Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay


Travel Photo Essay

Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay highlighting some of the important natural or man-made landmarks unique to a particular location. Your essay will include two different landmarks (man-made or natural) from the same area or region. The two different landmarks can be from a local, national, or international location. Your travel photo essay will include an introduction, two photos with descriptions, and a conclusion.

  • The first page of your essay will be a title page, presented using APA 7th edition formatting.
  • The next page will contain a 100-word introduction. The introduction should include why you picked the tourist location and what impact visiting the landmarks had on you.
  • Insert two photos (from the web or your own photographs) into the essay. Write a 100-word description of each of the landmarks. Place each description below the corresponding image.
  • Write a 200-word concluding paragraph (summary) about the cultural significance of both of the landmarks to the local people and the impact the locals have on the landmarks. What impact does each of these landmarks have on the shared identity, beliefs, economics, environment, and/or activities of the people living in that community? Are the local people impacting the landmarks positively or negatively? How?
  • End your essay with a references page that lists all of the sources you used in your essay, set up using APA 7th edition formatting.

The CSU Online Library has fantastic resources that can be used for this assignment. Additionally, the CIA World Fact Book website is a great source of information.

In addition to the two required photos, you are required to use at least one outside information source from the CSU Online Library. You can also use your textbook as a resource. All sources used, including the textbook, library resource, and photo sources (unless they are your own photos), must be cited and referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.

The following are links to Writing Center tutorials that may be helpful as you complete your assignment:

  • Citing and Referencing Non-Traditional Sources tutorial
  •  Essay Writing tutorial
  •  APA Overview tutorial

If you need help with your library searches, please view the online library tutorial Developing Keywords for Database Searches.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Cultural Geography

Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial landscapes are both in Washington DC. They are tourism attraction landmarks that attract many tourists around the world. Both Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial are man-made. The beautiful landmarks are exciting and interesting in their unique way. The landmarks are not far from each other and have great historical and cultural significance to both the current generation and the past (Rebanal et al., 2020).

When one is visiting Washington DC they would miss a lot if they do not visit the two landmarks. Apart from the beautiful scene the two tourist attractions provide, there is a lot of knowledge and facts about the monument and the memorial. Visiting the Washington Monument and Lincoln memorial has a great impact on an individual, from interaction with other tourists, seeing the beautiful figures, and learning from them. It is a place to visit and go again without feeling boredom except for the ton of fun and learning.

Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay

The Washington Monument

Washington Monument has 500 feet tall and is surmounted by a 55-foot hollow tall pyramid. The Washington Monument was built in 1848 by African American Slaves. The monument has a 15feet walls at the base and 0.5 meters at its top. The Washington Monument is among the world’s tallest stone structures. There is 896 step in the monument and it consists of different described stones from all over the world. The monument’s walls are covered by glass and have an aluminum tip with lighting rods.

There are 50 flags around the Washington monument. In 2007, the monument was voted to be America’s favorite architecture (Harvey, 2020). It was in 1888 that the Washington monument was opened to the public. People from all over the world visit the monument to admire its craftsmanship and honor as well as remember Washington.

Pretend you are a travel writer. Your assignment is to write a travel photo essay highlighting some of the important natural or man-made landmarks

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a towering memorial that is 190 feet long, 120 feet wide, and 99feet tall (Schindler, & Anderson, 2021). The Colorado Yule Marble was used in constructing the Lincoln Memorial. It was in the Lincoln Memorial that the great speech by Martin Luther King delivered the speech “I Have a Dream”. Also, other historical events like the daily Secular Pilgrim and the Marian Anderson Concert were held.

The Lincoln memorial has a central chamber that has the stature of the former president of the United State, Abraham Lincoln (Gray, 2020). The other chambers have Lincoln’s speeches that are used to reflect on Lincoln’s character and celebrate his achievements when he was the president and throughout his life. The 36 columns surrounding the Lincoln Memorial that represents the state in the union that happened during Lincoln’s assassinations.

The Summary of the Landmarks

The Lincoln Memorial is a national memorial that honors Lincoln the 16th president who was among the best presidents of the united nation. The Memorial in honor of Lincoln symbolizes his belief in the freedom of the people and their dignity. Through the 36 deals that Lincoln saved with other nations during his time, he helps to preserve America’s high ideals.

The memorial represents the unity of the American people during Lincoln’s term (Gray, 2020). The historical events that have taken place in the Lincoln memorial make it have a great historical and cultural significance. The events include the civil war, the slavery in America, and resistance among others. There are economic benefits of the Lincoln memorial which come from the fee the people visiting the place. The local people benefits since the people visiting the place uplift their business through consuming their products and their services.

The Washington Monument commemorates George Washington who was the commander in chief during the American Revolutionary War and later became the first president of the United States (Harvey, 2020). The monument evokes the timelessness of the ancient civilization. The Washington Monument symbolizes the admiration, respect, and gratitude United Nations has for the Founding father George Washington. Also, the monument displays the national identity of the United States. The country’s cultural heritage is also represented by the monument.

The locals and state benefit from the monument through the tourism activities that happen around the monument. The commemorative stones that build the monument are from different places, individuals, and countries that help to honor the memory of George Washington (Butler, 2019). Due to the great things that George Washington achieved for the American people, his patience, responsibility, and drive, made the American people build the Monument in his honor.

In conclusion, the two landmarks, the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, both in Washington DC, have a cultural and historical heritage for the American people. The Landmarks symbolize the great dedication of the two presidents to the freedom of the American citizens. The great work of the people who built the landmarks is remembered when people see the beautiful Scenes. The locals and government benefit greatly from the tourism activities that happen around the Washington grounds (Butler, 2019). The Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial act as good tourists, preserving Culture, history, and a good business center.


Butler, R. W. (2019). Tourism carrying capacity research: a perspective article. Tourism Review.

GRAY, D. (2020). Black Freedom’s Lincoln Spaces. Washington History32(1/2), 19-21.

Harvey, F. L. (2020). History of the Washington National Monument. BoD–Books on Demand.

Rebanal, J. C., Ezzeldin, Y. H., Fragouli, C., & Tabuada, P. (2020, December). A coding approach to localization using landmarks. In GLOBECOM 2020-2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

Schindler, K. S., & Anderson, B. (2021). Lincoln Memorial, The. Arcadia Publishing.

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photo essays examples for students, contemporary photo essay, what are the seven steps in creating a photo essay

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Seven Steps to Creating an Impactful Photo Essay

Photo essays are a powerful medium for telling a story or conveying a message through images. They allow photographers to capture emotions, perspectives, and experiences in a way that words sometimes can’t. But creating a photo essay that resonates with viewers requires more than just taking great photos. It involves a strategic approach and a clear plan of action. In this article, we’ll outline seven steps to creating an impactful photo essay that connects with your audience.

Step 1: Choose a Topic and Define Your Message

The first step in creating a photo essay is to choose a topic that is meaningful to you and your audience. It could be a personal project or a current event that you want to shed light on. Once you’ve identified your topic, it’s important to define the message you want to convey through your images. What story do you want to tell? What emotions do you want to evoke in your viewers?

Step 2: Conduct Research and Develop a Storyline

Before you start shooting, it’s important to conduct research and develop a storyline. This will help you to create a coherent narrative that ties your images together. Research could involve visiting the location where you plan to shoot, conducting interviews with people involved in the story, or gathering information from credible sources. As you gather information, start to develop a storyline that will guide your shooting and editing process.

Step 3: Choose Your Approach and Style

There are different approaches and styles you can take when creating a photo essay. For example, you could choose to document a single day in the life of a person or group, or you could follow a specific event over a period of time. Your approach should be aligned with your topic and message, and your style should be consistent throughout your images.

Step 4: Determine Your Equipment and Settings

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to shoot, it’s important to determine the right equipment and settings for the job. This could involve selecting the right camera and lens for the situation, choosing the appropriate aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings, and considering the lighting and composition of your shots.

Step 5: Shoot with Intention and Focus

When you’re ready to start shooting, it’s important to do so with intention and focus. Think about the story you want to tell and the emotions you want to convey, and try to capture images that align with your vision. Be patient and take the time to capture the right moments and perspectives.

Step 6: Edit and Curate Your Images

After you’ve completed your shoot, it’s time to edit and curate your images. This involves selecting the best shots, adjusting the exposure and color as necessary, and arranging your images in a way that tells a coherent story. It’s important to be selective and choose only the strongest images that support your message.

Step 7: Present and Share Your Photo Essay

The final step in creating a photo essay is to present and share your work with the world. There are various ways you can do this, including creating a physical or digital portfolio, submitting your work to publications or competitions, or sharing your images on social media platforms or your personal website.

When presenting your work, it’s important to consider the context in which your images will be viewed. For example, if you’re submitting your work to a publication, make sure you follow their guidelines and requirements for image resolution, file format, and captioning. If you’re sharing your work on social media, consider the best platform to use and the hashtags that will help your work to be discovered by a wider audience.

When sharing your work, be sure to also provide context for your images. This could involve writing a brief introduction or caption that explains the story behind your photo essay, or providing additional information about the people, places, or events you’ve documented. Sharing the process behind your work, such as behind-the-scenes footage or commentary on your creative process, can also be a great way to engage your audience and build a deeper connection with them.

In summary, creating a photo essay involves a strategic approach and a clear plan of action. By following these seven steps, you can create an impactful photo essay that tells a powerful story and connects with your audience. Remember to choose a topic and message that is meaningful to you and your audience, conduct research and develop a storyline, choose your approach and style, determine your equipment and settings, shoot with intention and focus, edit and curate your images, and finally, present and share your photo essay with the world.


  1. What is a photo essay? A photo essay is a series of images that tell a story or convey a message. They can be used to document a personal project or current event, or to shed light on an important issue or perspective.
  2. How long should a photo essay be? The length of a photo essay can vary depending on the topic and message you want to convey. They can range from a few images to a full-length book or exhibition.
  3. Can a photo essay be created with a smartphone? Yes, a photo essay can be created with a smartphone. With the advancements in smartphone technology, many photographers are able to capture high-quality images that rival those captured with professional cameras.
  4. How can I find inspiration for my photo essay? You can find inspiration for your photo essay by exploring your personal interests and passions, keeping up with current events and social issues, or seeking out the work of other photographers and artists.
  5. What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating a photo essay? Some common mistakes to avoid when creating a photo essay include being too literal with your images, failing to tell a coherent story, over-editing your images, and not considering the context in which your images will be viewed.

Photo Essays Examples for Students: A Guide to Creating an Engaging Story Through Images

Are you tired of the same old written assignments? Do you want to try something new and creative? Why not try your hand at creating a photo essay? Photo essays are a unique way to tell a story through a series of images. They allow students to use their creativity to communicate their message, while also honing their visual storytelling skills. In this article, we will explore photo essays examples for students, the benefits of creating a photo essay, and tips for creating an engaging photo essay.

What is a Photo Essay?

A photo essay is a series of images that tell a story or convey a message. Unlike traditional essays, photo essays rely solely on images to communicate their meaning. Photo essays can vary in length, style, and subject matter. They can be narrative, documentary, or conceptual in nature. Photo essays are often used in journalism, social media, and art.

Benefits of Creating a Photo Essay

Creating a photo essay has many benefits for students. Firstly, it allows students to explore their creative side and express themselves in a unique way. Secondly, photo essays help students develop their visual storytelling skills, which are important in many fields, including journalism, marketing, and advertising. Finally, creating a photo essay can be a fun and engaging way to learn about a subject or topic.

Photo Essay Examples for Students

Here are some photo essay examples for students to get inspired:

A Day in the Life

This type of photo essay documents the daily routines and activities of a person or group of people. It can be a great way to showcase a community or culture.

Environmental Issues

Photo essays can be used to raise awareness about environmental issues, such as pollution, climate change, and deforestation. By using images to communicate the impact of these issues, students can create a powerful message.


Portraits are a popular subject for photo essays. They can showcase a person’s personality, emotions, and character. Portraits can be formal or candid, and can be taken in a studio or natural setting.

Travel Stories

Photo essays can also be used to document a travel experience. By capturing images of the people, culture, and scenery, students can tell a unique and engaging story about their journey.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Photo Essay

Here are some tips for creating an engaging photo essay:

Choose a Theme or Storyline

Choose a theme or storyline that is interesting and relevant to your audience. This will help you stay focused and ensure that your photos tell a cohesive story.

Take Time to Plan and Prepare

Take the time to plan and prepare your photo essay. This includes choosing your subjects, scouting locations, and deciding on the equipment and settings you will use.

Use a Variety of Shots and Angles

Use a variety of shots and angles to add depth and interest to your photo essay. This includes close-ups, wide shots, and different angles.

Incorporate Text or Captions

Incorporate text or captions to provide context and enhance the story you are telling. This can include quotes, statistics, or personal anecdotes.

Edit Your Photos Carefully

Edit your photos carefully to ensure that they are high-quality and tell the story you want to convey. This includes adjusting the exposure, contrast, and saturation levels, as well as cropping and straightening the images as needed. It’s also important to be selective about the photos you include in your essay, choosing only the strongest and most relevant images. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different editing techniques to create a unique and impactful photo essay.


In conclusion, photo essays are a powerful medium for students to express themselves and tell stories through images. By carefully selecting and editing photos, students can create impactful essays that convey their message effectively. Whether for a class assignment or personal project, photo essays provide a creative outlet for students to explore their interests and share their perspectives with others. So grab your camera and start telling your story through the lens!

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