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[ANSWERED] Locate a nursing study that examines the effects of an intervention

Module 6 Assignment

Locate a nursing study that examines the effects of an intervention. Provide a summary of the study, focusing primarily on the intervention.

• Was the development and implementation of the intervention described in detail?
• Based on a theoretical framework?
• Did the design of the study promote investigation of the effects of the study—for example, was there comparison of experimental and control groups?
• Were there variables that could have impacted the findings that were not part of the intervention?
• Was there evidence of efforts to monitor the safety of participants?
• Are there any ways that the study could have been improved?

Locate a nursing study that utilizes some aspect of the internet (for instance, for recruitment, delivery of an intervention, or completing online assessments.

• What challenges did the researchers face, and how were these challenges overcome (or not)?
• How could future research efforts be improved?

Using your computer’s office tools, develop a pie, bar, or plot chart to represent the following population estimates:

Population  Percentage
European American 20
African American 30
Native American 20
Hispanic American 30
The assignment should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length and contain at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook and provided material. Please submit your assignment in one APA formatted document.

M6 Assignment UMBO – 1, 4

M6 Assignment PLG – 1, 4
M6 Assignment CLO – 2, 3, 4, 5
More information about the assignment:
  • Length: 1500 – 1750 words; answers must thoroughly address the questions in a clear, concise manner.
  • Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA style. These do not count towards the minimum word count for this assignment.
  • References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least two (2) scholarly sources to support your claims.
  • Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx).
  • File name: Name your saved file according to your first initial, last name, and the assignment number (for example, “RHall Assignment 1.docx”)

Expert Answer and Explanation

Module 6 Assignment: Article Review

The nursing population comprises different individuals focusing on unique but related fields. The nursing field has grown from the traditional care delivery model to a complex modern entity that requires proper education and the application of tools and equipment to offer the required interventions (Bashir & Bastola, 2018). As a nurse, one is required to meet the different needs of the community and ensure that patient care is provided with the best quality. There are different ways healthcare facilities can grow including the need to include research in practice and the development of technology (Totten et al., 2020). The purpose of this paper is to analyze a nursing study on the effect of a specific intervention.

Research Analysis

Summary of the Study

The identified study is an article by Monaghesh and Hajizadeh (2020) titled “The Role of Telehealth During COVID-19 Outbreak: A Systematic Review Based On Current Evidence.” The study examines the effect of telehealth (the intervention) as an effective mode of intervention during the COVID-19 outbreak. The researcher makes use of a systematic review that analyzes a set of current evidence to help support the hypothesis being presented within the research. According to the article, the outbreak is one of the major public health issues that has managed to impact international borders. The disease affects the respiratory system leading to severe impacts on the individual involved (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The selected intervention was to make use of telehealth as the main model of care delivery. Telehealth seeks to employ the use of communication and conferencing technologies to help administer medical care (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). With COVID-19, it would be beneficial to make use of a tool that limits physical interactions and also facilitates wider access to healthcare services for patients that are under quarantine.

Development and Implementation of the Intervention

The development of the article in describing the implementation of telehealth as a form of intervention for caring for patients with COVID-19 was described in detail. To begin with, the outline of the paper provides a clear image of the main issues affecting the paper and how they would be addressed (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The background offers insights into the issue at hand (COVID-19) and why is a problem in society. It is evident that the disease managed to affect the entire world leading to massive deaths and rates of infections, the impact of the disease also led to the challenges of maintaining efficient healthcare delivery. The background introduces the reader to the issues associated with COVID-19 and sets the precedence that can be used to help offer insights into the gap that needs filling (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The researcher also introduces the reader to the concept of telehealth and how it is a key factor to help address the problem of physical contact with the infected population. Telehealth is viewed as one of the key solutions that can help mitigate the rate of spread and improve the overall outcome of care. It is important that healthcare professionals are informed of the different areas of concern and how they can help improve the outcome of care.

The research also provides a methods section that offers insights regarding the study design, the search strategies used within the research, and data sources. Since the research made use of secondary sources to validate the information, there is a section that focuses on the eligibility criteria that were employed to validate the credibility of the articles. The eligibility criterion is a major factor since it is a means that the researcher can determine the best and appropriate sources to use and how they would be differentiated from the other sources (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The researcher also provides a quality assessment of the studies in terms of whether the contents were in line with addressing the relevance of telehealth when dealing with a highly transmissible disease. The researcher then synthesized the results to help identify the best outcome that can be used to identify the results. The research further offers a results section that provides the reader with the outcome of the methodology. The result section provided insights ranging from the search results, the characteristics of the identified studies, and the overall discussion on how telehealth services could be applied during the COVID-19 outbreak. The analysis is detailed as it offers the correlation between telehealth and COVID-19 and why the intervention is critical for the desired outcome (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The research offers a detailed discussion that addresses the concept of telehealth and its efficiencies in helping with the delivery of health care.

Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework that the research is based on is the notion that the application of telehealth would be able to mitigate the rate of transmission while at the same time ensuring patient safety during a COVID-19 outbreak (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). Telehealth is a technological innovation that makes use of communication, and conferencing innovations to facilitate medical delivery. Medical care professionals can sign up to the platform and conduct virtual care and treatment for the patients. Nurses would be able to interact with the patients regardless of the distance or geographical location. The telehealth system makes use of the internet and other platforms to facilitate efficient patient-nurse interaction. Telehealth can be combined with other technologies such as wearable innovations to help provide additional information such as heart rate, blood sugar, and circadian cycle (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The theoretical framework is that the use of telehealth would be able to provide the necessary intervention against medical professionals contracting the disease through physical contact with the infected patients.

Overview of the Design

The design of the research was in line with the need to promote the investigation of the different aspects associated with telehealth. The study was designed to make use of secondary sources which need to be sourced, identified and proper eligibility criteria used. The researcher investigated previous articles on the essence of telehealth and how it would be used to help address the issue of COVID-19 heartbreak (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The research appraisal process made use of 46 relevant studies. After a critical eligibility and appraisal stage. The researcher remained with eight full studies that were investigated and met the criteria of the study. The studies were differentiated based on the country of concern where some focused on the USA population while others were from Canada, China, Italy, and Iran (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The study from the different countries is critical since it also addresses the issue of resource availability, cultural differentiation, and the ability of the technology to be absorbed into different populations with ease. the analysis of detailed and offers a reader with the desired outcome after an effective intervention.

Variables that can Impact the Intervention

The article provides different variables that are essential for the adoption and use of telehealth intervention. However, several variables were absent from the research and would have affected the outcome of the intervention. Some of these variables include the financial ability to adopt the technology, the ability of the patients to use the technology, and interference with the company culture (Haimi & Gesser-Edelsburg, 2022). To begin with, the healthcare sector changes constantly and new technologies can be expensive to implement for middle or low business facilities. Whether the facility has the finances to ensure an efficient implementation of the technology is important towards the attainment of patient outcomes. The healthcare sector comprises different stakeholders and there is a need to ensure that primary functions are operational before diverting the funding to other deliverables.

The second variable is the ability to make use of the technology in the manner that is intended. For instance, the staff and patients mighty resist the intervention since it is difficult to use. COVID-19 has severe symptoms in some patients and might impede the ability of the patient to interact with the patient on an online platform (Haimi & Gesser-Edelsburg, 2022). The other variable is the ability of the system to impact the company culture. Interfering with the company culture would lead to disarray in the operations of the system since. Introducing technology to a system that is used for physical interaction can disorient the model of care and possibly interfere with the continuity of care until the end of the transition stage.
Evidence to Monitor Safety

The researcher implements numerous safety measures and control mechanisms that help ensure the safety and accuracy of data. Before the acquisition of the secondary sources, the researcher comes up with the required quality assessment methods that would be sued to ascertain the credibility of the research (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). The credibility is also tied to the requirement for the authors to come up with characteristics that would help identify the required standards. the quality assessment is efficient in facilitating efficient outcomes that could be used as evidence in practice.

Recommendations, Challenges, and Future Efforts

The study offers detailed outcomes that offer a correlation between telehealth as a form of intervention and how it relates to a reduction of COVID-19 outcomes. The research was conducted with great concern for the accuracy and relevance of sources. However, the researcher could have specified the constant variables and those that might have varied. The variables would help determine the efficiency of the research and how it can help meet the demands within the healthcare sector (Haimi & Gesser-Edelsburg, 2022). The main challenge that the researcher faced was the identification of fully effective sources that could be used within the research. COVID-19 is still a major issue and there are few credible sources with the required information or relatedness. Sourcing credible sources with the required information was a major challenge. Out of 49 acquired sources, only 8 were eligible to be used within the study. To overcome the challenge, the researcher soured for numerous articles from which the eligible articles were used. For future research, the researcher could provide additional aspects such as objectives and analyze individual objectives independently (Dinesen et al., 2016). Different variables can be sued to determine the key variables and how they are to be used.

Using your computer’s office tools, develop a pie, bar, or plot chart to represent the following population estimates:

Population    Percentage
European American 20
African American 30
Native American 20
Hispanic American 30


The purpose of this paper is to analyze a nursing study on the effect of a specific intervention. The concern with COVID-19 is its ability to affect a wide number of people. The disease is transmissible through coughing, and other body fluid from the mouth and respiratory system. The high rate of transmission makes the disease very critical and dangerous to both the healthcare providers and the staff. As a means to protect the safety of both the staff and other patients within the facility, there is a need for effective intervention. The use of telehealth as a means of intervention is important for ensuring an efficient patient outcome.


Bashir, A., & Bastola, D. R. (2018). Perspectives of Nurses Toward Telehealth Efficacy and Quality of Health Care: Pilot Study. JMIR Medical Informatics6(2), e35.

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‌ Haimi, M., & Gesser-Edelsburg, A. (2022). Application and implementation of telehealth services designed for the elderly population during the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review. Health Informatics Journal28(1), 146045822210755.

‌Monaghesh, E., & Hajizadeh, A. (2020). The role of telehealth during COVID-19 outbreak: a systematic review based on current evidence. BMC Public Health20(1).

Totten, A. M., McDonagh, M. S., & Wagner, J. H. (2020). The evidence base for telehealth: reassurance in the face of rapid expansion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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