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[ANSWERED 2023] The final course deliverable is an extensive real-world project: an individual leadership portfolio.

Last Updated on February 23, 2023 by Admin

The final course deliverable is an extensive real-world project: an individual leadership portfolio. This portfolio will yield a product for you to share with prospective or current employers in order to enhance your employment

The final course deliverable is an

The final course deliverable is an extensive real-world project: an individual leadership portfolio. This portfolio will yield a product for you to share with prospective or current employers in order to enhance your employment possibilities and promotion potential. The portfolio is the second of two deliverables comprising the assessment; a Personal Leadership History Report (discussed in the section below) is due first and leads to the Personal Leadership Portfolio.

The course project promotes your development and personal commitment to the required knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required for understanding, assimilating, and demonstrating professional public safety leadership. In preparing your portfolio, you will have the opportunity to review leadership from a historical and an operational perspective and will be able to evaluate your own leadership style and effectiveness.

Completion of the course-long personal leadership project solidifies foundation KSAs in order to:

  • evaluate decision making in relation to historic and current issues in public safety through case studies and simulation
  • explain the relationship between successful leadership, organizational development, and technology and the way these factors affect decision making
  • discuss the importance of ethics, globalization, systems thinking, proactive leadership, and leader-follower relationships to successful leadership in public safety
  • identify and discuss the major leadership theories and concepts applicable to public safety
  • explain the importance of leadership in organizational processes and change
  • cite examples of successful leadership styles and techniques in progressive public administration
  • complete case study reviews and an operational simulation based on major public safety issues
  • identify future public safety challenges and potential solutions
  • synthesize your learning experience in your major discipline to apply the knowledge and skills to practical individual and organizational challenges

The Leadership Development Project Process

The project is a course-length process managed using specified development steps that correlate with specific course materials. Aspects of this process will be addressed in the course conferences each week. The first of the two project deliverables is the personal leadership history report.

Personal Leadership History Report

Discuss leadership experiences, what you learned from them, factors that influenced how you led, and how you look back on that leadership experience.  This does not have to cover your entire leadership experience, but should cover enough to write the Personal Leadership Portfolio assignment.  Be sure to read the requirements for that assignment before you complete the Personal Leadership History Report.

Be careful not to focus on a leadership style in general, but discuss specific personal leadership experiences, both positive and negative, successes and failures.  Be sure that your conclusion focuses on summing up your points on leadership discussed in the essay, not just a style.  This is an essay on leadership, not management; sometimes the distinction is a fine line.

The personal leadership history report will review your leadership experiences and describes your leadership style during those experiences. The body of the personal leadership history report shall be 4-6 pages, excluding other material such as the cover page, table of contents, abstract, graphics and tables, and references.

The paper shall be presented in APA (6th edition) format, all margins should be 1”, 12 point font, and be in either Arial or New Times Roman font style. In the following descending order of preference, information sources must be either peer-reviewed articles, government reports, or other sources approved by your instructor. Internet information sources from other than authoritative sources are discouraged. See the Research Paper grading rubric for more information.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Personal Leadership Portfolio


Leadership goes beyond directing people on what to do. A true leader empowers, engages and listens. This portfolio introduces the idea of leadership, communicates my personal leadership, and provides a background description of how I developed interest in leadership. It also highlights the lessons which I learned from these past experiences, and what played a key role in shaping my approach to leadership. The portfolio also gives details of my strengths as a leader, and highlights how I seek to apply these skills to manage public safety administration.


Leaders have values and beliefs which shape their interactions with their followers. One’s leadership experiences determine the views they hold, and every leader has unique historical circumstances which contributed to shaping their styles of leadership. However, one’s leadership inspiration may also come from observing the way others lead, and learning about great leaders. A leadership portfolio highlights one’s history in term is of the way they gained leadership skills and experience, and their strengths as a leader.

For someone specializing in public safety, having this portfolio can increase the prospect of being selected to lead programs focused on promoting the safety of the public (Sfantou et al., 2017). This is why I would like to share the details of my personal leadership portfolio which include personal mission and past experiences as a leader.

Personal Mission and Motto

I want to get the best out of my work, and achieve utmost happiness and satisfaction as I contribute to the safety of others. Seeing others thrive and safe is my motto, and I am committed to leveraging the existing technology and safety processes as well as systems, to effectively manage public administration duties. I am aware that I need the support of others to meet whatever goal I may want to attain, and this is why I hope to involve others in my journey of advancing my leadership skills and abilities (Allahverdyan & Galstyan, 2016).

Personal Leadership Experiences

I have a leadership experience that dates back to my high school years. As a high school student, I participated I played for the school basketball team, and volunteered in various social community activities including raking leaves for seniors, and mowing their lawns. I also sheltered stray pets, and for me, engaging in these kinds of activities helped prepare me for future roles and responsibilities.

As I joined college to study and earn an associate degree, I had a clear vision of the things I hoped to accomplish, academically and career-wise. In college, I would lead a team of students during the class cluster projects. I also served in the student council as a representative for students. During my college years, I experienced the opportunities which leadership brings, and the challenges it presents (Khoshhal & Guraya, 2016).

I managed to finally graduate from the college with an associate degree, and I am currently in a bachelor degree program which I am about to finish. Prior to enrolling for this program, I served in the military for a period of 21 years. While serving in the military, I held leadership roles for 16 years. These roles were team chief, section sergeant, and security manager. I also worked as contractor network controller. The military experience, and the experience of managing and safeguarding IT systems means that I will be able to effectively perform the role of administration in public security.

The final course deliverable is an

Lessons from the Personal Leadership Experiences

I have managed to learn a lot from my past experience as a volunteer and as a leader. I have particularly learned that treating one’s followers with respect can help attract the support, and this can prevent resistance or the leader-follower wrangles which may make the leadership process difficult. In this case, a leader should be friendly and supportive so that they can lead efficiently. I also learned that bringing everyone onboard when making decisions can translate to optimal decision-making outcomes.

With this kind of approach to leadership, every follower feels that the leader values their opinions. Another lesson based on this experience is that a leader should be sensitive to the needs of people they lead. These needs include cultural, spiritual and religious needs such as the need to observe prayers or even mark a cultural event (Steinmann, Klug & Maier, 2018). Another lesson I can learn from this experience is the benefit of investing in others.

Factors Which Impacted My Personal Leadership Approach

Various factors played crucial role in defining the approach which I adopted to lead. I have a history of looking up to other leaders, and this has in part, contributed to the way I lead others. I am a fun of Elon Musk because of his commitment to transform production, and to serve. He has a team of employees who seem to share into his vision, and he demonstrates to these workers how they can practically perform certain tasks such as design.

I get inspiration from past leaders as well, and Mother Teresa’s values continue to shape my views concerning the leadership process. However, my personal ethos and beliefs plays core role in shaping how I perform my leadership roles (Moodie, 2016). As a leader, it is my responsibility to empower and support the people I lead, and if I fail to this, I will not be able to accomplish anything.

Looking Back at the Leadership Experience

Reflecting on my past as a leader, I would say leadership skills are nurtured, and they may become noticeable when one is young. The little things one does such as showing a kind gesture goes a long way in shaping their attitudes towards other people. My case is a good example in which a person learns leadership by serving people who have difficulty performing certain tasks such as lawn-mowing. Leadership itself is a learning process, and from my personal experience, a person can become an effective leader if they work under a mentor.

Teachers, faculty leaders, and champions have always been my mentors. Exposure to their ideas, styles and behaviors is what drove my passion to serve others in the area of public safety administration (Hargett et al., 2017). This underscores the need for one to work closely with highly experienced leaders so that they can learn about the challenges of leadership, and the mechanisms of dealing with these challenges.

Personal Leadership Advantages Over Others

I have a strong leadership edge over others because of my rich experience. While I would say high school and college played a core role in exposing me to leadership, getting a chance to serve outside the school system has had considerable impact in terms of helping build my profile as a leader, as well as my leadership knowledge. While serving as a leader, I would appraise decision-making in terms of the way it relates to the historical and contemporary public safety issues.

As a result of this exposure, I am more aware of how technology, organization’s development, and good leadership relate with each other, and the impact they have on decisions (Al-Habib, 2020). Because of the exposure, and getting the chance to read about the process of leading, I am conversant with leadership theories, techniques and styles. Although I have considerable experience and knowledge in leadership, I am aware that I will have to deal with future public safety concerns (Mulenga, Nzala, & Mutale, 2018).

Going Forward

Going forward, I hope to get work with the Homeland Security because I have managed to advance my leadership profile by learning from others, and going through the necessary academic programs on IT security systems. Therefore, I have the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) necessary to execute leadership responsibilities and tasks including:

  • The evaluation, through simulation and case studies, of decision-making in connection to the past as well as contemporary challenges in public safety.
  • Describing how technology, development of organization, and leadership success relate, and their respective implications on the making of the decisions.
  • Discussing the positive impact on leadership in public safety, of the factors such as globalization and ethics.
  • Identifying as well as discussing the key theoretical leadership models which apply to the public safety.
  • Describing how leadership can be beneficial to the change and processes in the organization.
  • Citing cases in which leaders adopted techniques and styles which resulted to success in the administration functions.
  • Basing decisions on major issues in public safety to review operational simulation and case studies.
  • Identifying of the imminent safety issues, and their solutions.
  • Processing learning experience to come up with ideas or solutions which can help address public safety challenges for individuals and organizations.


Leadership personally to me is about learning from others, and from academic content. I want to be happy as a leader, and this is why I focus on adopting leadership approaches which eliminate the risk of conflicts with workers. I believe that empowering and inspiring employees can help improve their productivity and efficiency. As a person with a background of helping others, I consider myself a servant leader, and I project this by demonstrating to the people I lead how they can manage certain organizational functions or processes.


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