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[ANSWERED] What is the impact of a lack of availability or access to needed cancer medication during disasters and emergency management? What can be done to mitigate these concerns?

What is the impact of a lack of availability or access to needed cancer medication during disasters and emergency management? What can be done to mitigate these concerns? What is the role of the nurse within a multidisciplinary team during times of disaster response for this population?

Locate at least one scholarly source that addresses this topic in support of your perspective in a 250-word initial post. Two peer response posts should include at a minimum 100 words, to extend the discussion.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Lack of Availability or Access Cancer Medication

Medication of any kind is essential to ensure that the patients do not succumb to the diseases and there is an effective intervention methodology. The supply and demand of medication can be affected by different issues such as natural disasters and other emergency management such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic (Bell et al., 2020). Protocols such as cessation of movements increase the logistical nature of drug movement as well as the overall. The sudden or unplanned reduction in medication for cancer has detrimental impacts on the patient and how they respond to care. The impact ranges from the inability to offer the desired treatment, high mortality rates, and severity of the disease in terms of symptomatology. These impacts reduce the life expectancy of the patients and dampen the quality of life of all the individuals involved from the patients to the caregivers (Bell et al., 2020). The disasters would also impact the ability of the patients to acquire the medication on time and need the restart of the dosing process. Missing dosage would also have an impact on the financial aspect of care as more finances will be needed to carter for each patient.

Nurses have a major role to play to ensure that there is a reliable supply of medication even during disasters and other epidemics alike. A nurse has the role of facilitating efficient plans and ensuring that there is an effective disaster preparedness program (Labrague et al., 2018). Nurses can achieve continuity of care even in the harshest of conditions provided they have the recommended disaster preparedness measures put in place. The process would help in preventing unforeseen issues that result from the disaster. Nurses can also collaborate with other multidisciplinary teams during the disaster to plan on how to handle the process and balance the medication with the patient population.


Bell, S. A., Banerjee, M., Griggs, J. J., Iwashyna, T. J., & Davis, M. A. (2020). The effect of exposure to disaster on cancer survival. Journal of general internal medicine35(1), 380-382.

Labrague, L. J., Hammad, K., Gloe, D. S., McEnroe‐Petitte, D. M., Fronda, D. C., Obeidat, A. A., … & Mirafuentes, E. C. (2018). Disaster preparedness among nurses: a systematic review of literature. International nursing review65(1), 41-53.

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