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This week’s discussion is focused on Chapter 8-Segmenting and Targeting Markets.  In this class, current marketing moves are presented for your consideration and evaluation as applied to key concepts being covered in our modules

This week’s discussion is focused on Chapter 8-Segmenting and Targeting Markets.  In this class, current marketing moves are presented for your consideration and evaluation as applied to key concepts being covered in our modules.  Just as we examined this year’s SuperBowl ad placement, we are going to consider the Oscar’s ad placement.  This year is perhaps one of the most controversial ads ever to be broadcast.  Companies from New York Times to Cadillac and many others want to make a statement unlike anytime previously. When you research the advertisements, consider “who” was being targeted by the advertisements (who being age demo, gender demo, ethnicity demo, etc.)  Are specific people who fall into different categories of social, culture, and psychographics being targeted? The answer is, “yes,” but you will need to form a discussion around “who” is being targeted, how and why…  As a marketer, you may also want to ask yourself is the Oscar platform the best way or an effective way to get your message out?

Please look at Chapter 8, Section 8-4, as there is a presentation of keys concepts associated with Bases of Segmenting Consumer Markets that is important to understand. “Marketers use segmentation bases, or variables, which are characteristic of individuals, groups, or organizations, to divide a total market into segments” (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2015, p. 143).

Take a look at this article from AdAge.  This is an ad from Cadillac. I will personally say that I am very proud of Cadillac for the first ad in the article. There are three other ads as well. Please review the ads and discuss Cadillac’s target market and tie-in to the concepts of the chapter. Be sure you identify which ad you are talking about as you discuss which target audiences is the appeal aimed.  Basically, I am asking you to talk about the psychology of the ads. Each ad may be focused on a different target market…explain. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Further Description of the Discussion Assignment: (This may help you tie-in to the concepts of the chapter).  There are several types of bases for segmentation of consumer goods. They are geographic, demographics, psychographics, benefits sought, and usage rate.  Within demographic segmentation there are sub-categories that include age, gender, income, ethnic, and family life cycle.  Psychographic include consideration of personality, motives, lifestyles, and geodemographic. Refer to your text for definitions and/or internet.

Using information in the link provided and additional information you may wish to find on the topic, place at least two of the Cadillac ads into one of the five bases and justify your answer. If you select the best base for the ad to be either demographic or psychographic, then you will need to be more specific as to which sub-section you think the company is targeting/utilizing.

The purpose of this assignment is have you look more fully at what are the marketers really doing for these big companies…who are they targeting, which base, what market segmentation are they hoping to serve with the advertisement.

In summary, your overall discussion posting will include identification of two different advertisements and associate them with a different “Base of Segmentation of Consumer Markets.”  (Have to use two different Cadillac ads and you can go outside the Oscars if needed, but must include retrieval address, and align with one base…but don’t use the same base twice.) A minimum one page essay is required. Each ad and discussion on its target market segmentation should be presented in its own paragraph and lead off with the base you selected.  In-text referencing is required.

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