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Using the movie Fifty shades of grey or Fifty shades of grey part 3 write a critical movie review using the communicational patterns that we reviewed throughout the semester. A suggested approach to the completing the assignment is as follows:

Using the movie Fifty shades of grey or Fifty shades of grey part 3 write a critical movie review using the communicational patterns that we reviewed throughout the semester. A suggested approach to the completing the assignment is as follows: 1) Review the 12 concepts listed and get a clear understanding of what they mean, 2) Select a film of your choice to use for the application of concepts. View the film. 3) Determine the 7 concepts that will be used for the application paper based on their appropriateness to the film. 4) Start writing the introduction, body, and conclusion. This is the first draft. 5) Complete the second draft of the paper. (Revise and complete the introduction, body, and conclusion. Proof paper several times until it is flawless.) 6) Complete the final draft of the paper. Film Analysis: Concept Application Paper (100 points)   You are to engage one full-length film, of your choice, on a critical level. I am asking you to apply the multiple communication concepts you have discovered through this course against the film you choose. In other words, what you are doing is putting together theory (course concepts) and practice (the life world of the movie).  Specifically, you are to choose 7 of the 13 concepts below in order to: a) explain them and then b) show how they work in the movie. Your paper should be a minimum of 6 full pages in length and should not exceed 8 pages in total. The structure of the paper must follow this format (HOWEVER, DO NOT USE THESE HEADERS IN YOUR PAPER): INTRODUCTION: (1/2 page) Preview your paper in this section. BODY: (5-7 pages) Explain the 7 concepts and apply them to the movie in this section. CONCLUSION: (1/2 page) Summarize and bring closure. Grading Criteria Mechanics (25 points): Is the paper typed (double spaced, w/ 1” margins)? Have you proofread until the spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax are flawless? Style (25 points): Is your paper intelligible, and engaging of the audience’s attention because it is well organized, while the writing is lively and clear? Content (50 points): Have you comprehensively explained each concept, and is your application reasonable, well thought out, creative, and insightful? Communication Concepts from the Text (Choose 7 of the 12) 1.   Communication as a foundation for personal life, relationships, professional success, and civic life 2.   Transmissional, constitutive and ritual views of Communication. (Chapter 1) 3.   Nonverbal behaviors of Kinesics, Haptics, Physical Appearance, and Artifacts 4.   Nonverbal behaviors of Proxemics, Environment, Chronemics, and Silence 5.   Counterproductive listening styles: dependent listeners, interrupters, self-conscious listeners, intellectual listeners (Chapter 5) 6.   Social Penetration Theory: Depenetration, Self-Disclosure, and Norm of Reciprocity (Chapter 6) 7.   Interpersonal Communication and Conflict (Chapter 6) 8.   Culture Values: individualistic versus collective cultures, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity/femininity, high – and low-context cultures, (Chapter 9) 9. Positive and Negative Organizational Communication Traits: empowerment, intimidation, assertiveness, aggressiveness, supportiveness, secrecy, motivation, and superiority (Chapter 9) 10.  Communication and Identity: Looking Glass Self (Chapter 1) 11. Relationship Dialectics Theory (Chapter 6) 12. Five Stages of Group Development (Chapter 7) 13. A communication concept from the book that is not listed here.

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