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Section I: If you are hired by Peter Anderson of the Wealth Management Group to conduct a training needs analysis, follow the process as shown in Figure 3.1

You are to analyze the case, “The Wealth Management Group” (see Appendix I for the case), and respond to all questions as listed below:

• Section I: If you are hired by Peter Anderson of the Wealth Management Group to conduct a training needs analysis, follow the process as shown in Figure 3.1 on Page 83 of the textbook to describe step by step how you conduct the training needs analysis, and then identify ONE major training need. (Your answers must address all three levels of needs analyses, i.e., organizational, task, and person analysis, and must include the methods and sources that you would use for data collection.)

• Section II: To address the major training need as described in Section I, you are asked to design one lecture-based training workshop. Discuss potential training methods that you would consider and conditions of active practice that you would use for this training program.

• Section III: Refer to Table 8.3 on Page 253 of the textbook to write a lesson plan for the lecture-based training workshop that you discuss in Section II.

You do not need to include an introduction or a conclusion in the paper. Use the questions as sub-headings. Put them in bold italics. (You don’t need to start a new page for each answer.) c. For Section I and II, you should use 12 point Times New Roman, 2.54 cm margins, left justified, and double-spaced. For Section III (i.e., lesson plan), you should use 10 point Times New Roman, 2.54 cm margins, left justified, and single-spaced. d. The body of the paper will be 9-10 pages (excluding the title page, and any appendices or references). Any pages beyond the maximum will not be read and will not be reflected in your grade. e. If you cite some contents from the other publications rather the textbook and lecture slides, you should provide in-text citations and a list of references, using the APA style

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