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Project Implementation Plan

Project Implementation Plan

Project implementation plan refers to structural representation of a project indicating the way different project activities will be achieved. It’s the plan which is created to successfully move the proposed project plan into the action.

Project implementation plan identifies the project’s objectives and goals (both long-term and short-term), highlights the tasks related to the project, defines responsibilities and roles, and states the budget and fundamental resources required (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017).

The purpose of this project is to launch a new consumer facing website for online clothing store known as Team A Clothing. Clothing industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world economy.

With intense competition from industry giants such as Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Nike, H&M, Ralph Lauren among others, establishing an online presence for Team A Clothing will help the company have higher access to consumers just like the competitors.

Team A Clothing has established a solid customer base through its physical stores and social media, and we believe that the decision to get an online platform will contribute significantly towards the company’s returns.

According to the plan of the project, full project initiative is projected to cost $15,940. The budget for the project is $23,000. With this budget, the company is in a better position to cater for arising expenses in the course of project execution.

The project is scheduled to start and end after 8 weeks. Within those 8 weeks, the project management team will be required to report the progress for the purpose of ensuring that our clients remain updated.

Launching a website, just like other projects, is associated with various constraints. For Team A Clothing project, some of the assumed challenges include marketing, maintenance, ease of use, and finishing the project within the timeline.

Human Resource Plan

 Human resource plan refers to a document which is used to predict future human resource needs of the company and determine the way the existing capacity of human resource can be utilized to achieve the intended purpose.

Human resource plan concentrates on the basic economic principle of demand and supply in reference to the capacity of human resources in the organization (Harrison & Lock, 2017). It helps the organizational management meet the future demand for labor in the company.

For this project, we will need the following expertise:

  • Project manager
  • System administrator
  • System analyst
  • Training
  • Technical support

Project Manager

The project manager will initiate, plan, design, execute, monitor, and control the project to ensure that that it comes to successful completion. He or she will be required to have a set of skills such as the ability to ask penetrating questions, discover unstated assumptions and address conflicts. General management skills are fundamental to this post.

One of the primary duties of the project manager will be to identify risks which are likely to affect the success of the project and those risks which need to be assessed either formally or informally throughout the lifetime of the project. He or she should be in a position to make decisions whether small or big and ensure that risks are controlled and uncertainties are minimized.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Resource planning
  • Time estimating
  • Developing schedules
  • Planning and sequencing activities
  • Establishing a budget
  • Risk analysis
  • Managing issues and risks
  • Controlling quality

Key competencies required for this post include outstanding organizational skills, strong communication skills, ability to manage teams and motivate members, outstanding business acumen i.e. ability to understand trends in the industry, ability to think critically, and demonstrate leadership.

He will be required to work with senior organizational management through regular updates about the project.

System Administrator

The system administrator will be responsible for maintaining multi-user computer system such as the local area network (LAN). He or she will:

  • Add and configure new workstations
  • Install system-wide software
  • Set up user accounts
  • Perform practices to prevent spread of viruses

Since we have not expanded much in terms of human resource requirement, we will need one system administrator for this project. System administrator will be required to have a computer science or general information technology degree. Skills required for this post include:

  • Technical mind
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organized mind
  • Enthusiasm
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patience

He or she will supervise the hardware engineer and report to the project manager who will in turn report to the senior management.

System Analyst

 As an IT expert, system analyst personnel will focus on ensuring that systems, computer systems and infrastructure are functioning efficiently. His or her responsibility will be to implement computer system needs by identifying and assessing system problems, designing and testing the standards and related solutions.

System analyst will manage technical clerk and requirement analyst. He or she will report directly to the project manager. Duties under this position include:

  • Validating the results by testing the programs
  • Identifying application problems by consulting with customers
  • Developing solution through preparation and evaluation of alternative workflows
  • Providing client support to ensure continuous use of the system

Apart from having an IT degree, a person seeking to fill this position will be required to have strong analytical skills, teamwork skills, and ability to pay attention to details, strong verbal and written skills, flexibility, creativity, and adaptability.   

Technical Support

Technical support will include a software engineer and database engineer. They will provide help to the company regarding internal technical issues. They will also offer assistance to customers regarding system use.

Individuals applying for this post will be required to possess strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, exhibit flexibility, patience, and above all, IT experience. They will report to the project manager.

Training Specialist

Training support will provide training on technical support and quality assurance. The responsibilities of the training specialist will include:

  • Defining training needs by assessing the strengths and weaknesses
  • Prepare teaching plans and training plan
  • Transform requirements into training which will groom workers for next stage of their carrier.

Key requirements for this post include:

  • Extensive experience of training design model and learning principles
  • Experience in designing various training events in organizational setting
  • Ability to master full training cycle
  • Strong organizational and decision-making skills.

System administrator, training specialist and technical support will be hired on contract basis. Their contracts will expire once the project has been completed. They will be recalled when need arises.

The project manager will continue to operate until the achievement of the objectives of the project. System analyst will continue to operate on permanent basis so as to ensure regular assessment of the website.

Organization Chart

Staffing Management Plan




Required number of staff


Initiation, planning and designing of the project

Project Manager

·   Resource planning

·   Time estimating

·   Developing schedules

·   Planning and sequencing activities


8 weeks or more depending on whether project objectives have been achieved

Maintenance of the website

System Administrator

·   Add and configure new workstations

·   Install system-wide software

·   Set up user accounts

·   Perform practices to prevent spread of viruses


8 weeks

Assessment of the website

System Analyst

·    Validating the results by testing the programs

·    Identifying application problems by consulting with customers

·    Developing solution through preparation and evaluation of alternative workflows



Internal and external technical support

Technical support

Providing internal technical support and customer service.


8 weeks


Training specialist

·    Providing training on technical support and quality assurance


8 weeks

Quality Management Plan

Quality management plan refers to a program which defines acceptable quality level that is defined by the consumer, and explains the way the project will make sure this quality level is achieved through its deliverable and operations (Turner, 2014).

For Team A Clothing website, the quality management plan will first involve identification of the critical success factors also known as CSF. These are elements which fundamental in regard to achievement of project’s objectives. CSF for this project include:

  • Expansion of customer base through provision of online services
  • Attainment of website launch awareness through marketing
  • Retention of the existing customer base

After the critical success factors have been identified, the next step will involve development of metrics and measures to evaluate the critical success factors. For expansion of customer base, the metrics will include identification of target customer base and tracking new orders for products from new clients.

Retention of current customer base will be assessed through comparison of the revenues generated before and after the launch of the website. Website awareness will be assessed based on the number of people registering and feedback prior to launching date.

 Once the metrics have been developed, we will then evaluate the customer feedback which will form the foundation of the next step, establishment of improvement plan. Once the plan has been developed, the project will be monitored and evaluated to ensure that the actual results tally with projected outcomes.

Procurement Plan

 Procurement planning refers to the process of making decision regarding what and when to buy and from what source to buy from (Lock, 2017). Acquisition of products by project will involve the following steps;

  • Identification of need
  • Negotiations with suppliers on the basis of availability goods, price and delivery of goods
  • Supplier identification based on the above given parameters
  • Sending tender notifications to prospective suppliers to take part in the tendering process
  • Contacting successful suppliers

Once procurement plan has been created, the project team through project manager will initiate the selection process based on the proposals presented by suppliers. After a supplier has been selected, the next step will be management of relationship with the suppliers. This is the stage where changes regarding the project can be made.

Only necessary changes can be made. Changes will be made after careful assessment of the reasons behind the change. Apart from making changes, administration stage will also entail the assessment of the assessment of the entire procurement and documenting the results.

The last step will be closing process. Under this phase, weaknesses and strengths of the process will be noted. This will be important especially regarding future business engagements with the supplier.

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