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Key Concept from Chapter 6: The consumer decision making process involves 5 steps. List these five steps.  Then more fully define Step 5-Post Purchase Behavior with special attention given to defining what is “cognitive dissonance.”

1. Key Concept from Chapter 6: The consumer decision making process involves 5 steps. List these five steps.  Then more fully define Step 5-Post Purchase Behavior with special attention given to defining what is “cognitive dissonance.” Explain, with examples, what companies are doing to deal with this post-purchase behavior.  Another words, what strategies are they using to minimize cognitive dissonance.  A minimum of three examples, fully explained, is required. (5 points)  Do not use examples in the text. This will result in a score of -0- points for this answer.  (Aligns with Chapter Learning Objective 6-2 and 6-3 and Course Learning Objectives CO1, CO3, CO4 and CO11)

2. Key Concept from Chapter 6: There are four sets of factors that affect the consumer decision making process. They are social factors, cultural factors, individual factors and psychological factors. When considering psychological factors, one area of focus is on “perception.”  (Aligns with Chapter Learning Objective 6-4 and 6-8 and Course Learning Objectives CO1, CO4, CO6, and CO11,)

Define the marketing concept of “perception” and its corresponding aspects such as selective distortion, selective exposure, and selective retention.

If a typical consumer is exposed to more than 2500 advertising messages a day but notices only between 11 and 20, explain why this is true.  Then identify 5 advertising messages you recall easily from personal exposure and explain why you remember them.  Justify your answers by using proper marketing terminology.

3. Key Concept from Chapter 8:  Marketers segment their markets and then choose which segment, or segments, to target with their marketing mix. Then based on the target market(s), they can develop the product’s positioning. Position is the place a product, brand, group of products, or even the entire company itself is perceived to be in the consumer’s mind. A tool called, “Perceptual Mapping,” is a means of displaying in two or more dimensions, the location of a business in relation to its competitors and/or the location of products, brands, and other aspects of the business in relation to its competitors.  This is a very important tool/model to be able to utilize. Refer to the additional supplemental information provided to be able to develop your own example of perceptual mapping, based on the guide provided within the attachment.  You can choose your own company (not one in the book or used in the examples included in the attachment).  (Aligns with Chapter Learning Objective 8-2, 8-9 and Course Learning Objectives CO1, CO6, CO7, and CO11.) Perceptual Mapping Lecture Notes.pdfPreview the document

Perceptual Map Grid.docxPreview the document

These are sources prepared by the instructor. To properly reference them, if using as an in-text source:

Humphrey-Pack, S. (2015). Perceptual Mapping Instructions. Retrieved from$IMS-CC-FILEBASE$/Supplemental%20Materials/Perceptual%20Mapping%20Lecture%20Notes.pdf?canvas_download=1&canvas_qs_wrap=1

4. Key Concept from Chapter 9:  When considering marketing research once a researcher has decided on how they will collect primary data, their next step is to select the sample procedures.  Briefly define marketing research, its steps, and then more comprehensively explain the difference between probability samples and nonprobability samples and types of errors.  (Aligns with Chapter Learning Objective 9-1, 9-2 and Course Learning Objectives CO1, CO5, and CO11)

Format: Title Page required, pages should be numbered. Overall follow APA guidelines for papers, but no abstract required.   Remember each answer is on its own page. If the answer is, for example, one and half pages, then the question’s answer will start on a new page following that. The answers should not be all one paragraph.  Use paragraphs, develop the essays, each question/answer starts on its own page and is properly numbered/identified.

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