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 For your comprehensive project, you will either select an existing business or create a business of your own.

FIT1040 Comprehensive Project

12% of Final Grade

 For your comprehensive project, you will either select an existing business or create a business of your own.  Throughout the term, you will be required to develop various worksheets and/or workbooks related to your business.  Read through the requirements below prior to making your final business selection to ensure you will be able to complete all required items.

General Instructions to consider throughout the project:

  • Be sure to use the skills learned throughout the term to make each sheet as efficient as possible. That is, be sure to use the most efficient types of cell references; use cell references rather than typing in data in formulas and functions whenever possible; link sheets to bring data from one sheet to another, etc.
  • Be sure each sheet is formatted professionally, emphasizing the appropriate data. A consistent theme should be used throughout.  Numbers must be formatted to accurately represent the data in the column, i.e., currency (use the accounting formatting style we have applied all term), percentage, quantity, etc.  Each sheet should have appropriate titles, subtitles, column headings, and row headings.
  • Each workbook and worksheet should be named appropriately.
  • All charts should be the correct chart type, formatted, labeled and titled appropriately.
  • Every sheet in all workbooks should be set up ready to print, including the appropriate page orientation, scaling adjustments, titles (and row and column headings if appropriate) set to print on multiple pages where appropriate, and footer with your name and the file name.

Part 1 –  Due in Week 5 of the Term

Create a multi-sheet workbook which will include a Sales Tracking sheet, an Inventory sheet, a Customer Invoice sheet, a Sales Report sheet, and a Vehicle Purchase sheet according to the following specifications.

  1. Sales Tracking Worksheet


  • Create, edit, and format a new workbook
  • Enter and edit labels and values
  • Use the SUM function
  • Review and prepare for printing

Set up a sales tracking worksheet for your business.  Ensure there are at least 7-10 products or services included.  Include identifiable characteristics such as item numbers, dollar sales, totals,% of sales.  You will need to track monthly sales for two quarters.  Ensure all appropriate calculations are included so anyone viewing the worksheet can easily find monthly, quarterly, and 6 month totals for each product/service as well as totals of all products/services for each month,quarter, and grand total.  Also include a column to show the percentage of each item to the total of all sales for the 6-month period.

  1. Inventory, Invoice Form, Sales Report, Vehicle Purchase


  • Build and edit basic formulas, including order of operations
  • Use absolute, mixed, relative, and 3D cell references with the greatest of efficiency
  • Work with Statistical and Date/Time functions
  • Construct Financial, Logical, and Lookup & Reference, and Math & Trig functions
  • Inventory
    • Include the Product ID or Item #, Product Name or Description, and the Price for your 7-10 products/services from part A.
    • Below your inventory list, include a reference to sales tax of 7%, or based on the sales tax where you live. This will be used in a calculation on your Invoice sheet.
    • Note: This sheet will be used in a VLookup function, therefore, be sure the order of the list is properly set.
  • Customer Invoice
    • Research what should be included on an invoice and set up accordingly.
    • Keep in mind that you will be calculating sales tax for EACH ITEM properly and efficiently referencing the cell with the sales tax rate on the Inventory
    • Include any 4 items (Product ID or Item #) on the invoice. Use a VLookup to fill in the Description and Price.  For the Quantity, use any numbers you would like.
    • Build formulas where necessary to determine the total cost for each item, the tax amount, and the total including tax.
    • The invoice should also show the total cost of all items before tax, total tax, and grand total of all.
    • Use a date function for the Invoice Date
  • Sales ReportConsider what the sales manager would want to see on this report while developing the layout.
    • Create a sheet that would list all items/services/meals sold in one day by 3 different sales streams (3 sales rep, 3 store location, 3 regions, or 3 distribution channels, etc.)
    • Add 15 -20 items to this report spreading them amongst the 3 different sales streams. There SHOULD BE duplicates of some items, but with differing quantities.
  • At the top of the report, add the following statistics from the report using the appropriate functions:
    • The average sale amount
    • The total sales amount sold through each sales stream
    • Select one specific sales stream and, using the correct function, count how many individual sales were made by that sales stream. [Example, how many invoices (sales) were generated from that sales stream]
  • Capital Purchase Scenario
    • You need to purchase a new vehicle for your business. Select and document (make, model, year, price) the vehicle you would like to purchase.
    • Document your target monthly payment (What dollar amount would fit into your budget? For example, the monthly payment shouldn’t exceed $500.)
    • Determine the monthly loan payment for three potential scenarios. The loan amount should remain constant, but the term and/or interest rate should change in each scenario.
    • Withyour target monthly payment as your comparison to EACH of the three scenarios, use the correct Logical function to determine whether or not the scenario will achieve your goal. (Note:  If the monthly payment is less than or equal to your goal, indicate that is does, otherwise, indicate that the payment is too high)

Part 2 –  Due in Week 6 of the Term – Charts

Reminder:  All charts should be the correct chart type, formatted, labeled and titled appropriately.

  1. Sparklines

On the Sales Tracking worksheet, add column sparklines to show the trend for monthly sales of each item.

  1. Chart 1

Create a chart on the Sales Tracking worksheet which will compare sales for each item/product/service for each month of the first quarter only.

  1. Chart 2

Using data from the Sales Tracking worksheet create a chart on a separate chart sheet which will show the percentage of each item as compared to the whole (grand total).

  1. Chart 3 – Combination chart with Line on Secondary Axis

On the Sales Report worksheetcreate a combination chart showing sales for all items/products/servcies for all sales streams with the secondary axis illustrating the trend of one individual sales stream.

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