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Discuss the difference  between healthcare Quality

Quality Measures, Safety, And Improving Patient Outcomes – JAA – 01-04-22 – Sect1

Week 1: Introductions

Discussion Prompt

Please post an introduction to share with your professor and classmates no later than the first day of class. Include the following:

Week 1: Discussion Question – Healthcare Quality Assurance vs. Quality Improvement

Discussion Prompt

Discuss the difference  between healthcare Quality Assurance (Q.A.) and healthcare Quality Improvement (Q.I.). Provide one example each of Q.A. and Q.I. that is currently being used (or could be) in nursing within  your healthcare setting.

Week 2: Discussion Question – Nurse Leader Role in Patient Safety

Discussion Prompt

What role do staff nurses play in patient safety?

How would you, as a nurse leader, create a culture of safety for patients and staff?

Week 2: Assignment – Healthcare Quality Agencies and Programs Paper

Assignment Prompt

Based on your readings, describe the role of these agencies in healthcare. Discuss one of the quality programs that you, as a future nurse leader,  would like to incorporate into your practice setting. Discuss the rationale for your choice.


  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • Length: 1-2 pages, excluding title and reference pages
  • Format: APA 6th ed., required
  • Research: Cite at least three (3) references from your readings.

See USU NUR Research Paper Rubric for additional details and point weighting.

Week 3: Discussion Question 1 – Nurse Leader Role – Patient Safety

Discussion Prompt

There is a one in a million chance of a person being harmed while travelling by plane. In comparison, there is a one in 300 chance of a patient being harmed while receiving health care. One estimate is a cost of nine billion dollars annually.

  • What is the most frequent patient incident on your unit and how have nursing leaders intervened to decrease the number of incidents?

  • How much interaction is there between your healthcare organization and nursing leaders and the nursing staff about the nurses’ role in patient safety?

Week 3: Discussion Question 2 – Four Key Concepts of Patient Safety

Discussion Prompt

Discuss the four key concepts of patient safety and how you, as a nurse leader, can ensure implementation in a healthcare setting.

Week 3: Assignment – EHR Documentation and Patient Safety Standards Paper

Assignment Prompt

Discuss how use of electronic health records (EHR) is affecting the quality of patient documentation and positive patient outcomes. Review the Standards of Patient Safety for 2019, and identify two or three of the standards that need to be implemented on your nursing unit/setting with rationale. What would you expect in regard to patient outcomes after implementation of the selected standards?

Concisely summarize your discussion.

Week 4: Discussion Question 1 – Trend-Multiple Healthcare Campuses and/or Affiliations

Discussion Prompt

Healthcare facilities have grown in many cases to multiple campuses or affiliations with other systems which may include one or more  teaching hospitals outside your geographic area). As this trend continues, marketing efforts increase. Answer both questions below.

  1. Has this trend occurred in your institution or geographic area?
  2. What effect has this trend had on patient census in your (or nearby) healthcare settings?

Week 5: Discussion Question 1 – EHR Data to Improve Patient Safety and Health Outcomes

Discussion Prompt

Answer both questions below.

  1. How can electronic health record ( EHR) data be used to improve safety and health outcomes on your unit?
  2. Of the data you collect from patient admission to discharge, what percentage is used to guide nursing care?

Week 5: Discussion Question 2 – Health Outcomes Data Collection – Ethical and Legal Implications for Nursing

Discussion Prompt

Answer 1-3 below:

  1. Discuss the relevance of patient data for demonstrating more positive patient outcomes.
  2. How will collection of patient data impact your practice?
  3. How does use of patient data impact HIPAA?

Week 6: Discussion Question 1 – Nursing Practice Issues and Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines

Discussion Prompt

Often on a “Clinical Practice Nursing Committee,”  we use previously established evidence-based practice guidelines for standards of care. This is a process whereby the generation of  data and topics have been well-researched and established. There are also events or practice issues that need to be evaluated/researched in your institution.  Answer both questions below:

  1. Identify one nursing  practice issue in your current or prior health care setting that resulted in research, a collection of data, and resulted in a change in nursing practice.
  2. Discuss a current nursing practice issue for which evidence-based practice guidelines need to be developed. Once completed, speculate on the relevance of the evidence-based practice guideline for nursing care and patient outcomes.

Week 6: Discussion Question 2 – Evidence-Based Practice Guideline

Discussion Prompt

Describe one evidence-based practice guideline derived from nursing research that can be used in nursing practice. Discuss the components of the practice guideline and how it could be implemented in your current healthcare practice setting.

Week 7: Discussion Question – Nurse Leader Interview

Discussion Prompt

Summarize, in one to two paragraphs, your interview with a nurse leader by stating the topic chosen for your interview (from directions below),  the nurse leader’s response and what you have learned from the interview. Use fictitious names and places for the nurse leader and the healthcare organization. Cite the interview as a “personal communication” (refer to APA 6th ed. citations). Include the nurse leader’s formal professional title, academic credentials, date and times of the interview.

Directions for Nurse Leader interview

Interview an advanced practice nurse in a clinical, administrative, or education role. You do not have to record this interview or submit a transcript of the interview. Choose one or two topics from 1-5 below.

Some suggestions include:

  1. The role of the nurse in identifying patient safety or health outcomes.
  2. What is the accreditation process of the institution and who is the healthcare organization accredited by?
  3. For Magnet Hospitals:  What are the nursing roles and  practices that led to this certification?
  4. How is evidence-based practice utilized in the chosen healthcare setting and who makes the recommendations for change?
  5. Any other questions generated by the course content may be chosen and expanded upon.

Week 7: Signature Assignment – Nursing Performance Improvement Program

Assignment Prompt

For your Signature Assignment, develop a Nursing Performance Improvement Program with the content covering the below listed ten  components. The healthcare setting you choose must have a nursing structure within it whereby nursing is an influential part of the patient’s experience.

Describe your health care setting and cite references for all  licensing, accrediting and regulatory bodies and describe their purpose in overseeing the health care practice.

Nursing Performance Improvement Program (10 Components)

  • Purpose
  • Responsibilities and Functions
  • Goals and Objectives Based on the Healthcare Environment Goals
  • Goals and Objectives: Overview
  • Mission
  • Authority
  • Scope
  • Review Process
  • Reporting
  • Confidentiality

This is a formal APA 6th ed. formatted paper. A minimum of five (5) credible, published, peer-reviewed, recent (published in the past five years unless it is a “classic” article with current relevance in today’s healthcare settings) articles from the nursing and/or health care literature, including government sources, is required. Non-credible reference sources such as non-peer reviewed publications, ie, Wikipedia, blogs, etc., will not count.


  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • Length: a minimum of six typed double-spaced pages and a maximum of 10 pages (excluding the title and reference pages)
  • Format: APA 6th ed., required
  • Research: Cite at least five (5) credible, peer-reviewed references from the past five years.

See USU NUR Research Paper Rubric for additional details and point weighting.

Week 8: Discussion Question – Nurse Leader’s Role in Patient Safety and Patient Outcomes

Discussion Prompt

Discuss the role of a nurse leader in promoting patient safety and quality patient care outcomes.

Week 8: Self-Reflection Quiz

Assignment Prompt:

Answer the self-reflection questions and rate your achievement of the course learning outcomes.

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