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Contrast the key characteristics of traditional leadership

Leadership And Organizational Behavior – PDA – 01-04-22 – Sect1

Week 1: Introductions

Discussion Prompt

Please post an introduction to share with your professor and classmates no later than the first day of class. Include the following:

  • Your educational background and experiences in nursing
  • Your current employment role
  • Nursing leadership goals upon graduation
  • Additional selected information about yourself that you may wish to share with peers and faculty

Week 1: Discussion Question – Traditional Leadership vs. Complexity Leadership

Discussion Prompt

Contrast the key characteristics of traditional leadership with the key features of Complexity Leadership.  Describe the skill sets needed by nurse leaders in today’s complex healthcare organizations.

Week 2: Discussion Question – Healthcare Initiatives

Discussion Prompt

Discuss a healthcare initiative based on excellence (refer to examples in week seven Signature Assignment directions) that directly or indirectly impacts patient care and why you, as a nurse leader, would recommend this initiative in your healthcare organization.

Week 3: Discussion Question – Cost/Benefits and Risks of New Healthcare Initiatives

Discussion Prompt

Why would a healthcare organization want to participate in a new healthcare initiative?

Weigh the cost/benefits of a new health care initiative of your choice.

What are the major risks for participating in a new healthcare initiative?

Week 4: Discussion Question – Leadership Strategies for Minimizing Dysfunctional Behaviors

Discussion Prompt

Identify at least four contemporary leadership principles you could apply as a nurse leader to minimize dysfunctional behaviors among people in your healthcare organization.  Discuss one specific example to illustrate each of the four chosen leadership principles.

Week 5: Discussion Question – Emotional Competence Among Nurse Leaders

Discussion Prompt

Discuss two characteristics/behaviors that exemplify emotional competence among leaders and how a nurse leader can develop increased expertise for each.

Week 6: Discussion Question – Leadership Diversity

Discussion Prompt

How does lack of diversity among leaders in healthcare organizations affect patient care?

Discuss at least two examples of how you, as a nurse leader, would encourage a diverse and inclusive culture with your leadership team.

Week 7: Discussion Question – Inspiring Hope in a Nursing Leadership Role

Discussion Prompt

Discuss the potential impact of a nurse leader who embraces hopefulness for the future on the well-being of team members that he or she leads.

Week 7: Assignment – Signature Assignment: Healthcare Initiative Paper

Assignment Prompt

You have been chosen by your healthcare organization to investigate and recommend a major healthcare system initiative. This initiative should support and drive excellence in patient care, directly or indirectly. Your objective is to provide the leadership team with a comprehensive overview of the initiative you choose that is supported with research and data.

Prepare a formal review/overview of a Healthcare System Initiative that directly or indirectly drives excellence in patient care. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • ANCC Magnet Journey
  • Trauma Center Verification
  • ANCC Pathway to Excellence
  • Certification for Primary Stroke Center
  • Primary Care Medical Home Certification
  • New BSN Graduate Nurse Residency Program

The paper will include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • An introduction that identifies and explores the significance of the initiative, a body with sections separated using Level 1 and Level 2 APA headings, and finally, a concise conclusion that highlights the key elements of the initiative;
  • Review of the literature associated with the specific initiative;
  • Recommended leadership theory/style;
  • Recommended communication strategies (internal and external);
  • Recommended change management/theories, strategies and support needed from the organization;
  • Anticipated conflict management/resolution strategies;
  • Other implications: Potential costs, anticipated benefits and available marketing support.

Submit the final paper to the D2L Brightspace assignment upload page.

A Note on Citation of Appendix or Appendices and Figures

A single Appendix is titled “Appendix” centered on a separate page and followed by the figure on the next page.  Follow APA formatting for Appendix or Appendices, p. 39, APA 7th ed. manual.  In-text, refer the reader to the Appendix for one diagram/figure, ie, (Refer to Appendix A, p. x); for multiple figures use (Refer to Appendices A and B, pp. x and x).  Type Figure 1 with title and caption below figure. Refer to example in APA manual, p. 53, and explanation of legend and caption for figures on p. 158, 5.23, pp. 159-161.


  • Due: Monday at  Midnight
  • Length: 8-10 pages, excluding the title and reference pages
  • Research: A minimum of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed reference citations are required as well as appendices for tables and/or graphs labeled using APA 7th ed format.
  • Format: APA 7th ed.

See USU Writing Assignment Rubric for additional details and point weighting.

Week 8: Assignment – Stakeholder Presentation

Assignment Prompt

Building upon your Signature Assignment, prepare a formal voice-narrated, recorded, PowerPoint presentation that you could present to your key stakeholders.

Your presentation will need to include:

  • An overview of your initiative incorporating selected research citations to support the initiative;
  • Data that supports the initiative (what will improve/change?)  Present data persuasively using visual mediums such as charts and graphs;
  • An action plan for effective implementation of your initiative at your organization which includes:
    • Communication
    • Leadership model
    • Change Theory
    • Culture/inclusion
  • An overview of your proposed evaluation plan for determining the success of the project planning efforts to ensure its successful implementation.

Post the Stakeholder PowerPoint presentation as an attachment in a separate thread in the week eight discussion forum (on or before Thursday, 11:59 pm PT, week 8) for sharing with peers. Peer responses are invited but not required for this ungraded, separate post in the discussion area of the course.

Post the final Stakeholder Presentation to the D2L Brightspace assignment upload page on or before Monday, 11:59 pm PT of Week 8.


  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • Length: 10-12 minute limitation
  • Format: APA Style

See USU NUR Presentation Rubric for additional details and point weighting.

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